Oh boy oh boy!

Why am I even doing this? 

A little plover embarks in his first migration to be reunited with his beloved one. Along the way, he will meet unique characters and will  come to realize what really matters in his life.  

Plover has been made for the AGBIC 2021 jam by Rémi Bismuth & Nicolas Millot.
All sources are available on Github.

Audio sources:


All sample were tweaked shortened and looped

Cover by Sam Bell

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorsgrouflon, m_nikko_m
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnimals, Atmospheric, Funny, Narrative, one-button, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Short, Unity
AccessibilityOne button


Plover_Windows.zip 31 MB


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really loved the overlay of the pixels over the background!

that writing with these super expressive sprites and beautiful backgrounds. Loved it!

This was so cute! Great characters and writing. Though I felt the last line from the protagonist was a stronger concluding line than what came after.

The art direction is great. Even the extra wide aspect-ratio compliments the story. A beautiful visual novel.

Thanks a lot! :)

Very cute and interesting little experience.

Glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks for the video!

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Glad I could help, thanks for both it and Veiled.
The art style really is gorgeous, the pixel art and the background environment both blend together so nicely.

super witty! also, i adore the aspect ratio of this. nice job!

<3 That writing was just superb!


I loved how you styled the beginning of the game, with the letters sliding into view like that!