It has been one year since the incident. One endlessly long year looking for the truth.

You know your child is alive. All the answers must be out there...

Veiled has been made for the AGBIC 2020 jam by Rémi Bismuth & Nicolas Millot.
All sources are available on github.

Trigger Warning:
This is a horror game and some of the themes presented in it may be disturbing to some people. You can find a list of those potentially disturbing themes in the downloads section.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(169 total ratings)
Authorsgrouflon, m_nikko_m
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsHorror, Point & Click


Download 24 MB
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Absolutely loved this game such a great horror point and click game <3 


Beautiful, I love the look and the sound of the game. Haunting.


loooove the style and design of this. the movements of the transitions were spooky and creepy.


Absolutely incredible!


Loved your game and it inspired me to make my own in similar style: :)

Wow pretty cool, did the man running have any relevance to the plot though ? Or was he experimenting into reviving people ? Why were there so many dead children and who was the woman ?

Very interesting point and click adventure game with a bit of lovecraftian sprinkle, i really enjoy going through games like these to indulge myself in the ambience and narrate it myself. Thank you for making this! 


Thank you for the video! We're glad you liked it :)

i loved the art style of the game and it was good too but i didn't finish playing it

It's a shame you didn't finished, thanks for the vid though :)

its ok i just had somewhere to go so..

Hello, this game is so awesome! Such an interesting atmosphere and really made me think of what else is contained in this world.
I made a YouTube video about a few indie games and made a section to discuss Veiled, really interesting stuff!

Veiled starts at: 04:12

Thanks for the feature in the video :)

This game relies 100% on its ambience and pulls it off amazingly, which is rare.

The atmosphere of this game is awesome. The art style combined with the atmospheric ambient music makes for a very creepy experience.  Only downside is the crappy English you encounter every once in a while :( but that is an easy fix. The story itself was obviously not too extensive, and i am ok with that. I like some mystery in my stories. I don't need all the answers! It also gave me some lovecraftian vibes. Oh and there are NO JUMPSCARES. 

Thanks for the video, we're glad you liked it. Sorry for the English mistakes. We, Frenchs, are notoriously bad at English. And as you could see in the game, we're more versed in the culinary arts :D 

haha that made me laugh. and you don't have to apologize for being french! all jokes aside, if you guys ever need someone to look over your English grammar for future games hit me up, i'll do it for free ;) 

(some of my friends watched my video and said they really loved your game and they wished for a longer version of it. they were even willing to pay. do with this information as you wish~)

The issue (as it always is^^) is finding time since we have full time jobs and busy lives. It's doable to set things aside for the duration of a gamejam but it's harder to make space otherwise. Hopefully someday soon we'll have the time to revisit it. Thanks for your support :)

I absolutely loved this. Great job!


really good game, but the lack of a save and load buttons kills the experience 

I loved it, really well done and interesting. J'ai vraiment adoré!

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Probably one of the best Point & Click horror games i've ever played. Damn good job 

Thanks for the video :)

Really interesting game, nice graphics and atmosphere, great job!

this game is my favorite!


8:50 - Loved the writing but I absolutely ADORED the 1bit art. The amount of detail and style you were able to  get through with just two colors is amazing. 

We're glad you liked it, thank you for the video :) 

Hey, the game doesn't continue after the opening screen. I'm playing on browser.


Hi! Some people have reported freezes when playing in browser. So far we haven't been able to identify what causes it. It appears to be quite random, sorry. The downloadable seems unaffected

Thank you! Will do so.

Fantastic! Amazing artwork and tension.

A great experience. Congratulations.
Very Shadowgate-esque vibe, but in horror.


just a heads up, shows a spectrum forces video with your game in the recommended header section. :D That aside, great work! :D


Thanks for spotting that up :). We got in touch with itch to see if they can change it.


This was such a delight, the atmosphere was fantastic, great writing and pacing and you used the visuals in a way that the mind filled in the rest of the terrors. This was a fantastic ride and you absolute nailed the tension.

Thanks for the video  :) We're glad you liked it


Dang! This was super awesome! I checked out for the first time and this is the first game I played. Honestly blown away by the atmosphere and art style. Fantastic!


just amazing!!! i love the style and atmosphere of this game so much!

It was one of the best and different games I've played.

I really like the way you told the story.


My god, what an amazing thing!

I love old text games, you managed to create an indescribable atmosphere, it's just incredible!

I love everything about this game from the cursor to the image change effect. Please keep up the good work!


I absolutely loved the style and atmosphere of this game! I don't do well with jumpscares, so I also loved how this game manages to be very scary and creepy without them. Although the game initially froze for me, I had absolutely no problems when I downloaded it instead of playing in browser. This was a very enjoyable short horror experience :)

freezes when switching tabs or after long time of no interaction

Erf sorry about that. The web version can sometime have issues we found hard to repro :( 

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(sorry in advance for my english, i'm french ^^)

I just played this game again and the atmosphere is really great !

There is something that reminds me of its vibes from old Italian horror movies and the aesthetic associated with the gothic typeface of the game title reminds me of the creepy side of black / doom metal covers.

I posted a game 2 weeks ago. A short point n click of horror of which certain similarities with your work make me think that we most likely share common references.

I would love for you to find the time to try it someday.

It is called INVITATIONEM. This is my 1st and only game at the moment. If you want, you can find it on my page.

Bravo again and thank you very much for this game ! Great job!

J'adore les histoires classiques de maison hantée ! Le style graphique et l'ambiance sonore donnent vraiment un aspect effrayant. BRAVO !

Merci :)

Love thw visuals. The colours really work 👍

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Hi, I am a Games Art student and very much inspired by this game. You nailed the atmosphere and the aesthetic. I really wanna know the process and how You produced these images. It will be so much helpful. Thank you so much and well done, I loved the game


look up  dither-me-this for how to get this effect.


Looks interesting. Sadly it froze on the dead lady in the bathtub screen, after showing the first chunk of text (mouse cursor stuck as ellipsis). After reloading the page it didn't resume from where it froze, and I don't feel like redoing all the steps up to that point.

We'll try to figure out was causes the freeze. It's hard to identify as it seem to be rare and very random. Maybe try the .exe version in a while if you feel like giving it another go. We're sorry it happened. 

I have experienced the freeze multiple times when playing in the    browser.
In the PC works fine - never saw it.

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?

It's not really that sort of game.  It's very scenic and artistic with horror themes.   Give it a try~

awesome :D thanks for the speedy reply!


A very nice experience! Well-written and nicely suspenseful. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Thanks for the vidéo!

I watched Markiplier play this game a while back and have been thinking about it ever since trying to find it again and I finally did! The art style on this game is just incredibly unique and has stuck in my mind  everyday. I just can't get overhow much I love this style! Is there a certain name for it? I don't wanna call it pixel because I think it's more unique but I'm not sure if there would be a name for it! I would love to hear about how you guys created the style!/ Made the scenes!

The word you're looking for is "Dither". It refers to this type of Noise rendering of images. It certainly has its charm.

oh my god thank you so much for this!! 

interesting style! Kinda hurts my eye tho xD

Thanks for the vid! :)

oh shi its been 1 year already haha. make moreee gamess

I didn't quite understand the ending but this game is great nonetheless. Good job

Food for thought ;)

Cool ~~~aesthéticque~~~

This game is beautiful, thank you!

Full Playthough No Commentary 

Thanks a lot for the video! :) We're glad you liked it

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