It has been one year since the incident. One endlessly long year looking for the truth.

You know your child is alive. All the answers must be out there...

Veiled has been made for the AGBIC 2020 jam by Rémi Bismuth & Nicolas Millot.
All sources are available on github.

Trigger Warning:
This is a horror game and some of the themes presented in it may be disturbing to some people. You can find a list of those potentially disturbing themes in the downloads section.

Updated 11 days ago
Published 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Authorsgrouflon, m_nikko_m
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsHorror, Point & Click


Download 24 MB
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An interesting game. We had a lot of fun testing it.


Great game, guys. Liked it so much I made a full video walkthrough!

I'm a fan of browser-point&click games, and this one has a very interesting style, good background sounds!


As somebody who has made a 1-bit point&click before, let me say WELL DONE.  Super high quality for a jam game.  Looks great, spooky vibes.  Especially loved getting chased.  Good shit.

i love the art style & atmosphere!!


I very much enjoyed this! Definitely want more!

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Really a fascinating game experience.
Love the art style and the sound design really worked well to produce an ambient tension and eerieness.

Love the atmosphere and the visuals!

Wow! You two did a great job! Great atmosphere. Easy to jump into.


"The property is closed off by a large gate. It is too high to climb over. Is your child really here?"

"Yeah ... I'm pretty sure my kid's not in there."

**Rushes back to car. Drives away.**

i wish someone just posted the ending i keep dying lol

Nice game, I enjoy it till the end.. good job.

cool I  liked it

It was fun.  Very fun.  Had legitimate scares.

Horror Point-and-Click.  Sounds fun.  Playing.

This is interesting so far but I got stuck in the 'weird, bedroom-like corridor' at the big sliding door. It says it can be opened with a thin object, but now it's not accepting any kind of input to allow me to either open the door or move away from it. 

Mhh, I'm sorry, that's probably a bug. Do you remember doing anything specific before being stuck in this state ?

Really good point and click adventure, the story is so interesting and use real horror to spook you not cheap jump scares hope to see a prequel/sequel some day.

the trigger warning coming before the download link means its impossible to download the game without spoiling yourself.
Couldn't you have put it in a readme or something?

Mhh you're right, I hadn't thought about it. The themes have been moved into a text file in the downloads section, thanks for the idea and sorry about the spoiler :s

Great Game DEV 💯👍

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Wow ! Great Game ! The visuals the sound design and the story works really well together ! well done :)


Gave it a nice thorough Lets Play :)

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Thank you very much for playing our game. It was pretty thorough indeed :) you haven't missed anything. 

Amazing game


amazing atmosphere!


Thank you very much, that's super nice of you to have made that video playthrough :)
Do you think you could put a link to the game in the video description ?

super creepy and tense, with great graphics


This game is amazing, really enjoyed the creepy atmosphere and the visuals