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I didn't quite understand the ending but this game is great nonetheless. Good job

Food for thought ;)

Cool ~~~aesthéticque~~~

This game is beautiful, thank you!

Full Playthough No Commentary 

Thanks a lot for the video! :) We're glad you liked it


Hi! I found this game through this playthrough:

I'll echo what a lot of the comments have said in that your small team did a fantastic job!
I'm currently working on a 1-bit existential horror game inspired partly by World of Horror (and now also Veiled). I'd really like to learn more about your development and art pipeline, especially when it comes to sourcing all of your images. I looked through the source code (thank you), and have a couple of guesses, but would really appreciate you shedding some light there.
Congrats again on this work of horror art!


Hi! Thanks for the link and we're glad you liked it! in term of pipeline, you'd be surprised what you can get away with in term of montage once you apply the filter on such low resolutions images in photoshop. The trickiest was to work out the whole level branching and narration using the resources we had. Once you establish a core skeleton, you can identify what places are essential and how they support the narration, what new ideas they bring. you can then decide if some branches needs to be cut or if your scope is too big/small.

Thanks for the reply! That's pretty helpful. If you have any recommendations on where/how to source stock photos, I'd love to know.
Looking forward to whatever you make next :-)

L'atmosfera c'è :)

What a wonderful little piece of art. Thank you for sharing this, I hope to see a longer version in the future!!

We never played a stunning point & click game like this! The story was amazing, the atmosphere was creepy / scary and we had a lot of fun to finish this game! Please keep it up! You both have talent for gaming design!

Greetings - Daddelkutter 

Cool atmosphere

Really cool short game,i liked atmosphere and design,and monsters it so remind me about Lovecraft,5\5

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no longer a problem i found a work around'

Tried out your game at 11:00!

Hia~ This was such a spoopy game, loved the unsettling feel of it all. I always wanted to do a horror game like this, so I was wondering how you created your backgrounds? Are they photos? or drawings?

Thanks! They are photos initially

This game was awesome as heck. The atmosphere and art style in this is what scared me the most. Just curious. What engine was this made on because this reminds me so much of Yames "Discover My Body" and "Water Womb World". Aside from that, great job and I can't wait to see what you guys make next.

Thanks! It was made in unity

Really? I thought it was Clickteam. Okay then.

great game, but i cant seem to advance, i got the eyeball but it wont let me take the finger, and ive been everywhere else, and unable to continue

Hi and thanks :) Have you picked up the item to help you "get" the finger? Check around the tub. Otherwise it might be a bug. But we never experienced it before.

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This reminds me of the old flash horror game Exmortis. Which is one of the most legendary horror games on the internet. That you nailed the vibe of spooky house is amazing! 

Agreed! I was thinking the same thing. 


Hey game name buddies, apparently your game was played by popular YouTube personality Markiplier! Someone mentioned it to me because people keep confusing our entries and I keep trying to point them at you instead. Do you all have a Twitter I can use to direct people?

Anyway, if you want to see the video, it's the third game in this one: 

Congrats on well-deserved recognition!

this is marvelous. I loved it


I've spent money on vastly inferior games. If you put this on Steam I will happily pay for it.


I was planning on taking a dive into this and going to bed. Now, not so much. Not to spoil anything, but being a dad, can definitely relate to the main character.


Very atmospheric, Very thrilling. Incredible. I had a slight sense that it was infuenced by Alone in the dark. I may be wrong. I would like to see a very long version of such game... very unsetting..... but very powerful! 

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Thanks. It was a fun thing to make. I actually had the original shadow gate and maniac mansion in mind when working. Even though it has nothing to do with it :p


We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 27: Happy Halloween-aversary!

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Thanks guys, It was really interesting to hear.  Nice podcast format as well, It made me want to try the other games you talked about.

So unsettling, loved it! <3<3


i made a video in my series about horror games on about your game!! it's the last one that i talk about :)

I loved the setting and tone of this game, the ending was heart rending! The graphics were well done and fit the game perfectly.. also unique way of doing chase sequences! A lovecraftian toned horror done right.

I especially loved the visuals. Being a 90s kid I've always loved an old-fashioned point-and-click adventure!


An interesting game. We had a lot of fun testing it.

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Great game, guys. Liked it so much I made a full video walkthrough!

I'm a fan of browser-point&click games, and this one has a very interesting style, good background sounds!


As somebody who has made a 1-bit point&click before, let me say WELL DONE.  Super high quality for a jam game.  Looks great, spooky vibes.  Especially loved getting chased.  Good shit.

i love the art style & atmosphere!!


I very much enjoyed this! Definitely want more!

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Really a fascinating game experience.
Love the art style and the sound design really worked well to produce an ambient tension and eerieness.

Love the atmosphere and the visuals!

Wow! You two did a great job! Great atmosphere. Easy to jump into.


"The property is closed off by a large gate. It is too high to climb over. Is your child really here?"

"Yeah ... I'm pretty sure my kid's not in there."

**Rushes back to car. Drives away.**

i wish someone just posted the ending i keep dying lol

Nice game, I enjoy it till the end.. good job.

cool I  liked it

It was fun.  Very fun.  Had legitimate scares.

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